The Information Technology Help Desk serves as the central point of contact for the computing support needs of the JMU community. 

Who can use this Service?

JMU applicants, students, faculty, staff, affiliates and alumni.

How can I get this Service?

Online: IT Service Portal - submit a ticket or search for answers in the knowledge base

Email: helpdesk@jmu.edu - provide eID, phone number and specific details

In Person: 4th floor, Student Success Center - by appointment only

Phone: (540) 568-3555

Due to COVID-19, the IT Help Desk team is providing a hybrid model of support from both on-campus and remote locations following these guidelines:

PPE: Remote control tools will be utilized where feasible. If an office visit is required, safe practices including social distancing, sanitation and wearing a face covering. Allow for a distance of at least six feet between you and the support staff at all times. Please ensure sanitation wipes and hand sanitizers are nearby in your office to clean hands, mice, keyboards, and work surfaces. Please move your mousepad away from the computer area and free the work area from unnecessary items. Follow all required university safety guidelines for sanitation, social distancing and face coverings. Failure to do so will delay the delivery of support and may require rescheduling the appointment. 

Personally-owned equipment: IT support staff are not allowed to physically work on personally-owned computers and mobile devices.  Staff will attempt to provide support through documentation and verbal recommendations when possible.  

Where can I get Help/Support?

Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555 or helpdesk@jmu.edu


Does the Help Desk offer student employment opportunities?
Yes, positions are posted on joblink.jmu.edu under the title “ IT Help Desk Customer Support Representative”   We seek dynamic, customer service driven student employees that have the ability to learn quickly and the willingness to grow their technical expertise

Operating Hours

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT Help Desk staff is providing a hybrid model of support from both on-campus and remote locations.  Currently, walk-up counter support in the Student Success Center is by appointment only. To contact us, see “How can I get this Service?”

2020 Summer Hours

Summer I: May 11-June 14

Mon-Thurs      8am-7pm
Fri                   8am-noon
Sat                  Closed
Sun                 3pm-6pm

Summer II: June 15-July 24
Mon–Thurs     8am-7pm
Fri                   8am-noon
Sat                  Closed
Sun                 3pm-6pm
                 (no phone support)

Independence Day
July 4              Closed

Summer III: July 27-August 16
Mon–Thurs     8am-5pm
Fri                   8am-noon
Sat                  Closed
Sun                 3pm-6pm

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